Fastrack Courier's Frequently Asked Questions

Fastrack started in the courier business from 2012 till the present. It is still being managed by the owner. That is why we try our best to address every concern of our clients. We also tailor fit our service to individual and corporate clients as much as we can. We build a relationship with our clients based on trust, security and reliability. At Fastrack Courier, we provide a courier service that is not just about product delivery, its about working with you to be an extension of your business, to be a partner who can enhance your customer experience and attain optimum savings.
We ship nationwide.
We have fixed rates for our yellow and blue pouches for Metro Manila pickups and deliveries, as long as the items to be shipped fit our pouches. Yellow pouch is P40, regardless of weight, Blue pouch is P45, regardless of weight.
Our Transport Representatives will provide you with the pouch and manual waybills on the day of the scheduled pickup. You can also request for them ahead of time, especially if bulk shipments are involved. You may call our hotline for this or email us at
Yes, you may ask our Transport Representative for a manual waybill. You may also print an electronic waybill under E Waybill menu from your Fastrack dashboard account.
No, pickup is included in the delivery charge already. Just schedule your pickups on our website and log in to your account. Unfortunately, we don’t do provincial pickups.
No, you may fill up and/or print an E-waybill to save you some time but it does not mean that you already scheduled a pick-up. You will have to click on “schedule a pickup”.
We will pick up your packages within the day if booking is made by 2pm from Mondays to Saturdays. If booking is done after 2pm, it will be picked up the next day.
Our pouches have 3 sizes and are color coded:
  • yellow pouch is 6 x 12 inches
  • blue pouch is 9 x 14 inches
  • white pouch is 12 x 18 inches
If your item/s do not fit any of our pouches, please provide your own packaging.
If your item/s do not fit any of our pouches, please provide your own packaging.
  • You may use your own packaging and upon pickup, our Transport Representatives will first weigh your package for the actual weight and then compute for its volumemetric weight. Whichever weight is HIGHER will be the chargeable amount.
    Example: Actual weight of package is 4 kg.
    Box size in CM is 17cm x 24cm x 25cm
    Compute for volumetric weight- L x W x H / 3500
    (17 x 24 x 25) / 3500 = 2.9 kg
  • You will be charged with the rate corresponding to 4kg.
As much as we want to try to pickup and deliver all packages early, our Transport Representatives will still deliver and pickup until 9pm.
Unfortunately, even if you indicate a specific time of pickup or delivery in your booking, we cannot commit a certain time due to the different routes of our Transport Representatives. We do try our best however, to meet the time requested and what we can assure is our Transport Reps will arrive within the day of the scheduled pickup or delivery.
We are open Mondays-Saturdays from 9am-6pm. After 6pm, all lines will not be answered anymore, including our social media inquiries (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
There is no minimum number of parcels for pickup. Just book online and our Transport Representative will be on your doorstep within the day of the scheduled pickup.
The Shipment does not contain:
  • jewelry and/or precious stones/metals.
  • cash and currencies of any kind.
  • valuable documents such as, but not limited to:
    • passport
    • visas
    • land titles
    • certificates
    • licenses
    • receipts and the like.
  • illicit objects and/or substances.
  • firearms
  • ammunitions
  • explosives
  • flammable items
  • perishable items
  • live/dead plants and animals
  • hazardous chemicals and/or items.
In case of violation of this warranty, Shipper holds Fastrack free and harmless from any liability arising and/or in connection with the same, and shall cooperate with Fastrack in defending itself should any claim be brought against it in connection herewith, without prejudice to the liability of Shipper to reimburse Fastrack for all expenses incurred in making such defense, including but not limited to costs of suit and attorney’s fees, without further prejudice to other remedies available to Fastrack against Shipper under law and equity.
You can use the LBC tracking number provided thru the LBC website.
Unfortunately not, because it is already a done transaction, meaning the effort of picking up the item from you and delivering to the address given has already been made.
Yes, because our Transport Representative already attempted to deliver your package hence a done transaction.
RTS or return to sender is done after attempting to deliver at the said address twice. This is free of charge.
Yes you can. You pay 1% of the declared value for insurance.
Yes, we try our very best to answer all. We have customer service representatives to assist you thru calls, sms, and emails.

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